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Split personalities and well-lit toes

Second post since the upgrade and I’m already facing a conundrum…

Hmm, I’m not sure how to go about discussing this without revealing my master web-site plans. Oh well, just know that all I speak of will take time. Lots of time. And if it happens earlier than that – consider it an early Christmas present. The plan is to change from its current incarnation as a photo-blog, to a website proper. Meaning a home page with links to photo galleries, About page, blog, etc. The galleries will be set groups of photos organized by themes, only updated occasionally and treated as more of a portfolio. My big question is the blog. I had thought about starting a new blog for the website that is about photography only. Leaving the elfini blog as a stand-alone personal blog that I would only quietly link to from the About page. Maybe. Or should I just include elfini as part of the site and post the photography related entries here? What to do what to do…

I’m sure you have an opinion- please post a comment with your thoughts! I would set up another poll, but the results display from the last poll came out all wonky in WordPress so I’ll skip it for now. I’m tired of tinkering.

So, since this is the only blog I’ve got right now, I’ll proceed with my photo-centric ramblings. If you don’t care, at least scroll down and check out the very nice photo of Chris’ feet!

Photographer Chase Jarvis* recently posted a To-Do list of sorts for photographers on his blog.  Shake Your Tree Today is a list of ideas (or a kick in the pants) to get your creative juices flowing.  And it is chock-full of brilliant!

I think I just did #2 above. 

I love #6 – which says to rent a piece of equipment you’ve been wanting to learn about. Although that could be very dangerous. I still haven’t recovered from my experience with the D200! 

I’ve kinda been doing #10 already. Except I’m reading about current photographers such as Sally Man, Joyce Tennison, etc. Thank you local library – I feel a book review coming on! 

#17 – check.

 And #18 is responsible for this:

nicely lit piggies

My camera just happened to be on my desk as where Chris’ feet. And who could resist light like that?! Not a photographer.

I’ll politely decline #19 for obvious reasons. #21 is definitely something I’m going to be working on in the very near future (see master web-site plan).  And I will do #22 tonight!

6 out 22 already in the works. Not bad eh? And that wasn’t too painful to you non-photogs out there was it? Maybe it really wasn’t that different from a normal** post of mine. Just with less baby and more feet. You’re lucky I didn’t shoot Kyle’s feet! I would definitely need a full-frame camera for those boats.

* I’ve discovered some amazing photographers recently and added them to the Photography link list on the right. Check out Chris Orwig’s Wave Riders galleries! His site is extremely well done and a wonderful example of what I aspire to do. And Zack Arias’  Photo Critiques have been a very educational. Plus, his wife is about to have a baby – she’s 15 days over-due!

** don’t call me normal! or an engineer.

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