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So I was driving through Chowchilla…

I went to a baby shower in Fresno last weekend. Chris’s cousin Gavin and his lovely wife Susan are expecting their first baby in December. More babies are a good thing. I hope they have lots of babies. Me? I’m done. I’ve told you that. Stop asking!

As always these photos are pulled from the set on Flickr. Enjoy.

Now I have to go home and pack for another weekend trip to Santa Cruz. Yeah! I don’t have to drive!! And I hear that Grandpa, who didn’t get his baby fix last weekend, is starting to twitch. And we can’t have that now can we?

And after bathing the baby at Aunt Rita’s last weekend, Grandma P went out and bought everything she’ll ever need and more to give Erin baths. Good. I’ve let her get extra dirty this week.

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