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Slow down! What’s the hurry?

Question – do you find your head moving while you watch that video? Do you end up feeling a bit queasy? Maybe it’s just me.

The bouncy baby Bean is 7 months old today! 7 months old. Damn. And she’s starting to show her age. She no longer wants to lay back and chill in her bouncy chair. No, she sits straight up in it. And the swing – not so much any more. Either the batteries have died or she is just too heavy for that poor little motor. And speaking of heavy – guess who is just 2 ½ pounds shy of the weight limit for her infant car seat? And then try to guess who got a new car seat last weekend. And don’t even get me started on that little tooth that she has been biting me with!

And we’ve moved up to the next size diapers. She was wearing Pampers Swaddlers 2-3s. Yeah, I had wondered what was up with the 2-3 combo size – are they for the indecisive parent? For the parent in denial? There are no other combo diapers sizes so why the 2-3 overlap? Well, now I know. Pampers size 3 diapers are not a part of the Swaddler family. They belong in the Cruisers camp. Cruisers! Yeah – that implies a baby on the move. I do not want to be giving my baby any green lights in regards to her impending mobility. Swaddlers = good. A nice wrapped up baby isn’t going anywhere. But Cruisers? With the pictures of the babies crawling and toddling around right on the box? Bad Pampers! Stop giving my impressionable baby ideas!

So yes – that answer is Parents in Denial.

Luckily Erin hasn’t started crawling yet. But hey – the day is still young. And even without the crawling proper, that girl manages to get around. There is the forearm drag and the ever popular roll. Last night she rolled right out of the room.

So yeah, its time to start the baby-proofing. We’ve already lower the crib mattress. Next is gate shopping. Hey – that reminds me of the best Halloween costume idea I saw this year. Small kid was dressed up as a doggie and the mommy had that doggie on a leash!

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  1. Not sure why they call it that- “Baby Proofing”

    In it’s truest sense, “baby proofing” would have involved duct taping your hoo-ha 16 months ago. Now you’re just in damage control.

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