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Roll me Amadeus!

After 9 long months I’ve finally got my sushi fix today! Chris and I had lunch at Mukuni’s and it was just as wonderful as I remember it. We had the BBQ Tuna and a couple order of rolls. So good. Now that I’m free to eat all the seafood I want again, I think I’ll ask Chris to make abalone soon. And the Dive Club has a crab-feed coming up (we had to skip the one we usually attend in February). Hmm… where can I get some scallops?!

I should have eaten more than yogurt for dinner tonight.

Keeping with the theme of things I can do again – next weekend we are planning a trip to Santa Cruz. Kyle has been especially anxious to get back to the coast. He even suggested leaving me at home! Like that would ever happen kiddo.

Grandma and Grandpa will spend the weekend holding the baby. Chris and Kyle are going fishing. And me? Well, my camera doesn’t seem so heavy anymore…

But you’re not tired of baby pictures already are you?!!

And if you’re only an hour or so away and you mentioned making me some perogies…
Cruise on down!

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