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Public Service Announcement

Even though I can think of several exceptions, this is sage advice.

On the weekends that Kyle is with his father, Chris and I get to shop* as often and as long as we want without whining or complaints (unless I’ve made a poor shoe choice). Sometimes we have a list and other times it’s just to walk around after a nice dinner (another treat saved for alternating weekends). And on lazy Sunday mornings, after sitting in front of Starbucks with our coffees and pastries**, we will go roam the aisles of Home Depot.
I love hardware stores. And I’m pretty sure hardware stores love me back because I have been given a gift. I am a hardware store savant.
I can find anything in a hardware store – even when I don’t know what it is that we’re looking for!
“What? A chamfering router bit? Follow me; I think they’re over here.”
My spidey-senses start to tingle, I turn, point and voila!
“Is this the 1/2in Barb Coupling you were looking for?”
Scanning the list-
“Hold on, we passed the extension adapters 2 aisles back!”
It’s really quite amazing.

But the hardware store doesn’t have everything. This weekend I would like to go here for one of these.

* No- that is not code!

** We have a great location for people watching – next to a Sun City senior development and a rodeo. You get cowboys and golf carts careening through the parking lot. It’s fun for the whole family.

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