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Postus Interuptus

Sorry about the interuption. Here is the rest of the door.

And here is one of my favorite signs!

Sounds like my kind of place (wink wink nudge nudge)

And while I fawned over all the Frida Kahlo items I saw in the shops, I’m not clear about her affiliation with this dental office.

And since I am a fount of interesting information, I can tell you that the hand earring she is wearing in that painting was a gift from Pablo Picasso. Neat huh?!

So… when we weren’t going into all the funky little shops and art galleries

or riding ATV’s on the beach

or visiting Ensenada for a day

We slept in, ate great food, played many games of Life, and of course there was a lot of this:

Some things never change. And Cartoon Network would be one of them.

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