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Remember these kids?

Christmas 2008

Hells bells. Kyle was just a baby! And look at how short Erin’s hair was. crazy.
And there is our old cat Bodhifattba!

And while putting together the slideshow for the Uber’s 50th anniversary party I found these pics from 2009. Apparently that was the year no one wore shirts!

Summer 2009

And now?
Today Kyle is 16. And he doesn’t want me taking his picture.

Maybe because I do things like this:

And this:

But he’s okay taking selfies in my bathroom mirror!

I see how it is.

I managed to get this pic last weekend. Kyle is the big one.



2 thoughts on “NOT MY BABY!!

  1. I got one of those. But it’s a she. And she can wear my clothes. But she fills them out better than I do.


    1. I wear Kyle’s flannel shirts when he outgrows them. Hand-me-ups. How did we get here?!

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