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Greetings from Week 2 of my Maternity Leave.* Life here at home is good. I am feeling much better now that I’m not spending my days slumped over my desk in that uncomfortable chair. My back isn’t hurting as much and the sciatic pains have diminished also. And even though I’ve kept busy, I can take things at my own pace and not over-do it. A couple errands completed each day and then I just take it easy. (And yes Chris, the day-timer is coming in fairly handy. Shut up.)

I’ve managed to get quite a bit done around the house in just a week. I’ve gotten caught up on our Flex Spending files for last year and set up the spreadsheet and files for ‘07. I’m just about done with all the pre-washing of baby stuff and her room is almost finished. Just a few more incidentals and we’ll be done. Then I can get to all the fun stuff I was planning for this free time. I need to work on my painting, make some more prints (and mat and ship the ones I’ve printed for Julie) and damn, I haven’t even gotten around to playing any Zelda yet!

I’m getting my hair done this afternoon. And not a moment too soon. This streak down the center of my head has been transformed seemingly overnight from a nice wide suburban street to a major 6 lane super highway. And if you reorient the road so that from forehead to crown is the width of the 6 lane super highway – then all those white stripes up there are the lane dividers. Hmm… must be 6 lanes in each direction. Anyway my hair – it’s growing fast – so off to Tami I go. Must resist the urge to chop it all off!

What else – tomorrow Kyle has an orthodontist appointment, Thursday I have my weekly doctor’s appointment and that’s about it for this week. Then this weekend we are finally going to wallpaper Kyle’s room. No more tea party wallpaper for him! Now there will be skateboards. Very cool. Very blue.

I need get some copies of the pictures taken at my shower. I’ll add that to my to-do list. And I’m thinking about reorganizing the kitchen cupboards. The thought of cleaning the fridge has even popped into my head – but that’s one that I know I can resist.

* Which means I’m in my 37th week of pregnancy. The baby is now considered full term and my due date 19 days away. That’s less than 3 weeks! I guess I should finish packing my hospital bag. We are all starting to feel a little anxious/excited/nervous – although I’m still the only one who is feeling increasingly uncomfortable and getting beat up from the inside. There just isn’t room for the 2 of us in this body. And I was here first so…yeah… lets go baby.

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  1. I think you’ll probably have a lot of time to play Zelda when you’re sittin’ around with a baby on your boob. Call me!

  2. No need to hurry, you’ve got all the way ’til the 21st.

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