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My friend Flickr

I have a couple Flickr updates for ya. First off, I’ve changed my Flickr badge on the right. Instead of 3 random pictures from my photostream, it now shows the newest photos. So, when you notice the photos have changed, you’ll know there are new pictures to peruse and I’m sure you will drop everything and click that new link to my latest and greatest.

And shame on me. Here I was plugging Kyle’s new Flickr account but I never mentioned that Chris has one too. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to him somehow. So, if you want to see photos from dive trips, dead fish, or Tino lubing up – go to Chris’s Flickr account and enjoy.

We are staying in town this weekend so I hope to catch up on my photos. I am woefully behind. And it would be nice to be current before we leave for Detroit in 2 weeks!

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