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Move along, nothing to see here

Typically, the day after a migraine-induced post that is barely lucid, I like to follow-up right away with something light, sunny, and well – sane. Push the ramblings of a lunatic down the page some on the off chance that a new reader might stop by. Hey, it could happen! Leave a girl her dreams eh? I have gotten a few comments from complete strangers over the years. Although to be perfectly honest, it kinda freaked me out.

Sadly, today you’re not going to be getting that happy post. Our cat, Bodhi, is sick. And the outlook is not good. Chris took her to the vet last night. She has a mass in one ear that has basically paralyzed half of her face. And she has stopped eating and only weighs 7 lbs. We won’t get the results from the blood work back until tomorrow, so we don’t really know anything conclusive yet. But still, I’m a bit of a mess. We all are. So, yeah. It sucks. She is only 10. We’ve had her since Kyle was 2 1/2 and she sleeps on his bed every night. So as you can imagine, they are kinda tight. Well, as tight as a boy and an aloof cat can be. And I’m not even going to think about how much thumpin’ that crazy cat gets from Chris every morning, or how he carries her around upside down…

And where the hell is the part of my brain that tells me to wear water-proof mascara when I need it?! Stupid brain. Stupid mascara. Stupid mass.

2 thoughts on “Move along, nothing to see here

  1. Awwww! Good thoughts go out to your cat though! I am so sorry!

  2. Thank you Jamie! She was a sweet cat. The house doesn’t feel right today…

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