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Mommy’s dipping in the drupal again…

I know, I’ve gone quiet again. Sorry. And I hate to keep repeating myself, but I’ve been busy. Brain-busy. But don’t worry. My next programming class starts next week, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to complain talk about then.

In the meantime, some updates:

Things I learned this morning – I need to have more phone conversations during the week. If not, one poor innocent caller will get all my pent-up ramblings thrown at her all at once. Especially if it is early in the morning and I’m over-caffeinated. So, for the greater good, you should call me. Often. And don’t forget to remind me to eat lunch.

Vox show is in 2 weeks and I’ve just finished cutting the mat boards so I can start framing the prints. Very exciting. I’m sure all you out-of-towners have already purchased your plane tickets to get the 2 wk advance discounts. You’re so smart.

Kyle started school last Thursday. I just found out he has already got his first detention! What am I going to do with that kid?! And while Chris was talking to the math teacher, I was on the phone with the band teacher. Oh I definitely got the better deal on that one. My conversation was about Kyle switching instruments. He will now be learning the tuba! And I’m all for it. Ya can’t march with an electric bass guitar. OOM-PA!

Erin is… nuts! I so need to get a video of her saying ‘Rock On’ in her demon voice (complete with goat horns hand gesture of course). And when her head is not spinning around, she is. Usually while wearing a pretty dress. She likes to dance around, spin her skirts, and she does a pretty mean arabesque. Thanks a lot Barbie videos. She’s also chatting up a storm and can now open the fridge. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we’re doomed.

The majority of my time has been spent working on the HS Tourney site. I ended up stopping mid-build and starting from scratch using Drupal. All because of a random status update on Facebook by Scott of Lightroom Lab fame. 20 days ago I had never heard of Drupal –with its silly name and incredibly steep learning curve. Now, I am living and breathing Drupal. And as difficult as it has been, it was the right move. It is a very powerful web framework and I think the site will ultimately be better for using it. It’s just been a typical Dawn mind-bend. ‘Hey, I have a site to build, for a paying client no less, why not try something new. And if it’s extra difficult to learn, all the better!’

I have issues.

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