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Mixed messages

Kyle made a book for me at school last week – Memories of Mom. Apparently each day there was a theme such as what makes your mom special, happy, etc. And they drew pictures. How very charming.
Although CPS might not think so.
I am sharing Kyle’s memories with you because frankly I’m a little concerned. Things start out well enough…

My mom is special because she is a great artist. She sketched a wonderful picture of me. She has done so many very pretty painting. My mom is the best artist. That’s why my mom is special.

Wow. I can’t find any fault with that. Nicely said Kyle.

My mom is happy when she is at the mall. I remember when my mom was happy at the mall because she was shopping. She looks at everything. I hate the mall. Thats why mom is happy.

Ok. That seems a bit over the top. I don’t like shopping that much. Although I do like the looks of that little green purse. And is that a squirrel?

I remember a funny time with my mom. Once when I went to give her a hug she stretched and her hand hit me on the face. We hugged, then talked about my soreness. Then we laughed and I left. That was a funny time.

WTF? That’s his fun memory of me??
But I am laughing again as I type so I guess that works.

My mom always says “Clean your room!” She says that because it’s a mess. She says this so much it’s scary. I listen to her because I have to. It annoys me so much I scream.

Oh.My.God. What kind of mother am I?! Look at that huge finger pointing at him! I think I would be more disturbed if he wasn’t so damn funny.

Thanks mom for all that you do. You help with reading and you take me on vacation. Thanks for everything that you do like make dinner and buy food and drive me to school. You do lots of stuff for me thanks.

He likes me. He really likes me!
Unless Chris is around and then I am dead to him.

Meanest Mom Ever! I’ve still got it.
I think I’ll use this as the content of the “About Me” section.

And I am definitely going to use the smack-down drawing as my profile picture!

Elfini – all about the peace, love, and cheerios…
and eager to knock your block off!

2 thoughts on “Mixed messages

  1. I suppose somebody ought to call Child Protective Services…
    Might as well be me…
    Damn Dawn. How come you’re so creative and funny? How come I can’t be too?

  2. Hey – I gotta give all the “creative and funny” credits for this entry to Kyle! I couldn’t have done it without him. We’ll be the first bad-ass mommy and son blogging team.

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