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Merry Christmas! Do you have a tissue?

I don’t know when it started but there are certain Christmas carols that I can’t sing along with without crying. Silver Bells, White Christmas and Little Drummer Boy come to mind. And Little Drummer Boy is the worst – that one has been working me since I was a little kid. I’m not sure what it is, but about half way through my voice starts to crack and the next thing you know the tears are rolling down my cheeks. Kyle of course finds this highly amusing. It’s the only time he will actually encourage me to sing. And I am that person who puts on the All Christmas Carols All The Time radio station in the car. Kyle would complain but he knows the alternative is NPR and he would endure an endless loop of the High School Musical CD if he didn’t have to listen to the stupid news every day. He really does suffer. And no, we don’t have that CD, but I’ve threatened. And that kid doesn’t know how good he’s got it. I don’t sing loudly in public. But my dad did. All year long.

And when I was a kid, lo so many years ago, we watched the Bing Crosby Christmas Special every year. And I remember seeing this duet with Bing and David Bowie in ’77 – loved it then and love it now. Enjoy!


And sing along. At the top of your lungs! Until the kids promise to clean their rooms just to get you to stop! Ho Ho Ho. Good times.

And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Dawn – Santa’s favorite elf (where do you think the name elfini came from?!)

p.s. Remind me next year to ask Santa for some water-proof mascara in my stocking.

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  1. I love this song! Thanks for the tube!

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