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Meet me at that seedy motel down the road

I am going to see the Sain’t tonight! It has been over a year since we’ve hung out together. But as I’ve said before – I’m not bitter.

-Oh wait! Yes I am! I just got off the phone with this so called Sain’t and found out that he is NOT current in regards to reading this blog!!! He hasn’t read it in over a week! And the post about Irving was aimed expressly at him. Who else would get it?! Boy, he had better throw a few more gifts in his car.

Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, Sain’t missed my wedding last summer (don’t worry, the migraine card will always work with me) and we haven’t been able to coordinate a day to get together since. It really shouldn’t be that hard, we only live a couple hours apart. But you know – life – it can get in the way sometimes. So, after a couple aborted plans for him to visit earlier this month, this weekend we were both free. And I am really free – maybe to free. Chris is gone on his annual So Cal free-diving trip and Kyle is at his dad’s. After tonight, I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the weekend. What I do know is that whatever I end up doing it will be indoors. It’s going to hit 110 degrees this weekend. We won’t see the 90s again until late next week. Oh god, I am so doomed.

Back to the plans. Originally I was going to drive to San Francisco on Saturday and come back Sunday morning. Sounded good. I haven’t been to the city in ages and was looking forward to spending some time in a nice metropolitan setting for a change. But due to technical difficulties, we decided yesterday to just meet somewhere in the middle. After all the whole point was to hang out together and this would be the easiest way to do that. The half-way point seemed to be Vacaville but the Super 8 there was sold out so we are now meeting at the Super 8 in Dixon – which is even closer for me. No complaints here. And it just wouldn’t be right for 2 ex-Detroiters to reunite at a Marriott or some other nice hotel with an indoor hallway.

So, we’ll get some dinner (probably in Davis where all the college kids will make us feel old) and then hang poolside and drink some of Sain’t homemade beer. Perfect. All problems solved. I’m not crashing at his place (remember Chris hasn’t even met him yet) and he’s not staying at our house (good for him since he’s allergic to cats and we only have the one but she’s fat enough for two) and neither of us has to play host. And the fact that we are meeting at a seedy hotel – well, that doesn’t look bad does it?!

And I know that Sain’t is bringing me some books to read. What he doesn’t know is that I am making him a present. (No, I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise – we now know he’s not reading this!) I was able to dig out my old box of pictures and letters in the garage last night and I’m bringing a nice selection of photos from our past for us to laugh at. But the real prize is the stack of letters and short stories he sent me. I’m not going to give him the originals (I might need them as evidence someday) but I am making copies for him. Which isn’t the easiest task since I don’t want to separate the continuous sheets of printer paper from his very first computer! Boy does that age us. And the double sided pages ripped from a spiral notebook? They don’t go through the auto-feeder on the copier. Oh well, its worth it because he is going to crap when he reads some of this stuff. There are some real gems in there. And you should see the stationary!

Shit we were young once. Long long ago.

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