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Mash-up this!

Maybe drinking coffee first thing in the morning is not the smartest way to start my day. I mean really, why do I want to be AWAKE while suffering through the Nick Jr offerings on a Saturday morning?

And of course Erin love love loves! Dora and Diego. gah. Dora makes me feel stabby. Diego is a little more bearable, but every damn time I hear that Rescue Pack song, I think of “Eighties” by Killing Joke.

Someone needs to do one of those mash-ups that are all the rage lately.

But not me. Franklin is boring me back to sleep. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Mash-up this!

  1. HA! It’s imperfect, but I ran the videos simultaneously so the music overlapped. It was funny and has some promise! I am on the verge of getting some mixing software, so if I do and I don’t forget I’ll give it a go!

    And was that Conan O’ Brien on guitar? 🙂

  2. More proof that Killing Joke goes with everything.

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