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Lucky 7

Wow. I had been managing a post a month so far this year – even 2 in February! And then I missed June. On so many levels. June was all about the volleyball. In fact, I was at a volleyball tournament in Reno (Jr Nationals – boy got a Silver Medal!!) when June became July!

So now it is July 11th and the club volleyball season is over. I’ve managed to sleep in my bed 3 nights in a row and I’ve been to the grocery store. Life is slowing getting back to normal. Too damn hot, but that’s normal too.

I didn’t gamble while in Reno, but maybe I should have. 7 is my lucky number. And July is again turning out to be a great month for art! I have 2 pieces in the State Fair Fine Art Exhibit – and my photography entry won an Award of Excellence!! I have a one of my new photos up at Viewpoint Gallery for the annual Member’s Show. Then last weekend, while recovering from Reno in Santa Cruz, I was invited to be participate in the 7×7: Seven Pieces by Seven Female Artists show at BodyTribe this month!

So I went and created a new series of  mixed-media paintings on paper for the show!

… … … … … … … … … … … .

If you want to see the other 4 you’ll need to come on down to BodyTribe Fitness on Saturday night. And don’t forget there are 6 more talented artists to check out! More show details can be found on my website.

So yeah, lots of art being made and lots of art to go see. What else… Oh! Erin lost her first tooth! 4 were/are loose – I’m pretty sure they are hanging on by sheer will on her part. And no, I don’t have a picture. She shut me down big time.  But here is pic of Kyle and Dre with their silver medals!

Reno was kinda awesome. 🙂

Hey are you on instagram? If so, follow me there (dawnblanchfield) for all the fun pics! I just posted a pic of Olympic Volleyball butt! (Mens of course! )


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