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Looks like we made it

The rumors are true – we survived our grand adventure (even Kyle lived to tell the tale) and are now getting back into the swing of things at home. Like feeding the cat. I would love to tell you all about our trip – the waffles, the hiking along the bluffs, the beaches and the tide pools, the cacophonous sounds of a dozen men beating abalone. But I can’t right now. Too busy. To busy sorting and editing 339 photographs! Yes – 339. We had to buy another memory card when I realized my 1GB card was almost full by Saturday afternoon. Soon I will have a slimmed down set uploaded to Flickr for your viewing enjoyment.

In the meantime, click the comments link below and tell me about your weekend.

1 thought on “Looks like we made it

  1. Elfini –
    Damn. Here I get you into blogging and everything and already you’ve put me to shame. Curse you, Red Baron!
    My Mem Day was spent as it should have been – at the beach with five other families and all their chillen’s. BBQ and potluck followed, and Ash’s deadly margarita mix (“What? I don’t make them too strong do I?”)was a big hit.
    No abalone. No trucks. No howling men, though. Seems I may have missed out.

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