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I’ve got nothin’

Wow. Monday already. This cold has been kickin’ my ass. As a result not much has been going on.

Let’s see…what can I tell you…

  • I’m almost finished reading Comrades!: A History of World Communism.
  • I have put Sain’t Christopher’s banner project on hold while he re-thinks his tag-line.
  • Haven’t opened that CSS code book all week. I carry it around with me though. Learning by osmosis – it could happen!
  • Picked up a new scanner on Saturday and am very pleased that it will scan 120 negatives! Now I just need to load the Holga and start taking some pictures.
  • Have been sitting with Kyle every afternoon making him practice his bass. The boy is this-close to getting kicked out of band. I don’t want to talk about it.
  • And Erin will be 1 next Sunday. Which means I’ll be baking a cake. Come on over.

So now that you are caught up, I think its time for another dose of Emergen-C. And then it’s off to Jen’s to pick up Erin and find out what happened when the bullet meant for Sonny ricocheted off the shelf and hit Michael! Carly is going to be so pissed.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got nothin’

  1. Happy Birthday Erin! What kind of cake?? hmmm

  2. Chocolate!! I might even attempt to make the frosting from scratch.

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