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it’s quiet. too quiet…

Kyle left yesterday for his annual summer trip to Malibu and he’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks.

Strange. I have not done one happy dance since leaving the airport. In fact, I’ve been kind of in a funk since then. What is up with that?! Usually I don’t start missing him until after the 1st week.

Maybe it’s because Kyle no longer travels as an unaccompanied minor. I had moments of panic as I was driving away because there is no airline personal supervision anymore. When the plane lands he is free to walk off whether his aunt is there to pick him up or not. Not pleasant to think about.

Maybe it’s not Kyle’s absence at all, but the problems I’m having migrating a client’s blog from Movable Type to Typepad. It is just not working. And both platforms are run by the same people! How f’ed up is that? gah. So completely frustrating.

Maybe it’s a lack of paint fumes in my life. I think tomorrow I need to paint while Erin is at Jens. Turpentine fixes everything!

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