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It was FA-BU-LOUS!

Not only did we survive our Friday night adventure with every screaming little girl in the greater Sacramento area – I think I can safely say that we enjoyed ourselves. Disney puts on a good show. And when you are viewing it from the comforts of a center court suite, well what is there to complain about?! Oh wait, I have got a complaint – I’m sore! You try holding a bouncing 18 pound 6 month old for 2+ hours. Whereas Kyle sat staring with apt attention through out the show, Erin was all about the dancing! That girl was into it! And by the end of the night my neck and shoulders were not happy. Chris held her as much as she would allow and his biceps aren’t letting him forget that night either. So, two thumbs up for High School Musical on Ice. Now take those thumbs and apply to my shoulders and commence rubbing!

And if you are like me and have no clue as to what High School Musical is about – think Grease, but without all the sexual innuendo. And no Sha-Na-Na.

I teased Kyle that I would buy the soundtrack so we could listen to it to and from school and he didn’t even protest. Scary. Actually I think he would put up with just about anything if it meant he didn’t have to listen to NPR everyday.

Speaking of the news – what happened in Pakistan over the weekend?! I tune out for 2 days and this morning I have no idea what is going on. Hmm, I think I’ll keep it that way for a little longer. I need to keep my head clear for this evening’s romp thought our Flex Spending Account projections for next year. Big fun.

2 thoughts on “It was FA-BU-LOUS!

  1. Oh. High School Musical on Ice.
    For a minute there, one horrible minute, I thought you might have been at the Hannah Montana show. But then I remembered Kyle. Naw.
    And Erin is still a year too young.

  2. Oh dear, I have seen that Hannah Montana show. I weep for my future. But for now it mostly Drake & Josh at our house.

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