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It ain’t easy being green

I think my brain is eating itself.
Soon I will get a new car. A car with a higher egress. And more umpf – a V6 for my inner Motor-City self. A car that will be agreeable until I can get my hands on a Quattroporte (Don’t give me that look – it’s a “mom” car. Read the Italian, it’s got 4 doors!)
After much research, I decided upon a Toyota Highlander. We couldn’t swing the extra 10k for the Hybrid version and I had made my peace with that. All that was left to do was pick a color and wait for the tax return. Nothing more to think about…la de da…

Really?! You thought that was the end of the story too? Oh no, what fun would that be? Last week we found out that our friends had bought a new Ford Escape.The Hybrid! For the same cost as my pretty Highlander Limited. Damn.
And you should have heard the praises being rained down upon that car! It was obviously god’s gift to all those who care about this planet. Well. That is all fine and good but I don’t like the Escape. It is smaller and the interior isn’t nearly as nice. It’s a Ford. Don’t tell me about the gas mileage – I don’t want to know! I want a Highlander.

And then something strange happened. All the Highlanders I would see started to look wrong. 10 inches too long wrong. What the hell is up with that? And when discussing the subject I would mistakenly say Hybrid when I meant Highlander. Could I really be happy in an Escape? Could I still be happy getting into my Highlander everyday knowing that I wasn’t getting 33 mpg? Would I be a bad person by not getting the hybrid? It was getting heavy…’who am I?’ heavy. As Chris noted one night – I was guilting myself into the Escape.

Then last night I found a glimmer of hope in the form of the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue. Maybe I won’t drive myself crazy over what to drive. The reviews and rating for the Escape – not so good. Safety first people. And the article about Hybrid Hype – salve for the guilt-ridden soul. Apparently you can expect to pay around an extra $5-10,000 in extra-costs with a hybrid over the first five years! And depending on the vehicle, the fuel savings isn’t always that great. So…the Highlander…lookin’ good.
I’m thinking red…

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