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Intergalactic Translator

Were you aware that Erin turns 2 next month?! Holy Aging Me Batman. That’s crazy. So I guess that means she is right on the mark of the developmental scale. Cause as I’ve said before – that baby is crazy.

And she is getting big. Some long lean little girl who is all limbs has disappeared my cute chubby moon-faced baby. She probably ate her. I swear Erin eats twice as much as Kyle! She’ll eat her dinner, then mooch off Chris’s, mine and Kyle’s. And now she’s making requests at breakfast! She will ask for eggs. In a bowl. Sometimes after she has already eaten her yogurt, banana, bread and a handful of cheerios. Damn. Its kinda scary how much the girl can eat.

Since she is so advanced, she has already been displaying the typical Terrible Two’s most endearing behavior – the temper tantrum. By now you know about her lung capacity, so you can well imagine how much fun those fits can be. And just who taught her to dislocate her shoulders so that you can not pick her up?! She can also go the other way – pressing her arms tight to her body so you can’t lift her out of the crib. She’s obviously brilliant! I also detect quite a bit of talent in her line-drawings. You might also file them under scribbling.

Erin also has a lot to say. She chatters on almost as much as Kyle. And I’d say about a third of what she says is in English. Baby is bilingual! Although Chris and I can not agree on what the other language is. He says it is Vietnamese, I say Swedish. (By the way, Chris does not know pig-latin! How can you not know pig-latin?! Gah, we are going to have to start spelling soon!) Anyway, on the off chance I can convince you to come over and baby-sit, I’ve put together a handy Erin-to-English translation sheet for you.

Erin-ese     English

Bears        cranberries (will also accept raisins)
Baby         yogurt (because the Yo-baby containers had a pic of a baby on them)
Beer, wine   just what you think! Do not let her have any.
Linner       dinner (or lunch – really any meal)
Moon         spoon
Buttas       boots
Ollies       glasses
Hammer       helmet (bike)
Bella        Isabella (baby-sitter’s granddaughter) or crayons
Minny        Mickey Mouse – or Manny from Handy Manny
             (damn! Now I’ve got that Handy Manny song stuck in my head)
Mama         Grandma (Papa is Grandpa and often uttered in a low growl. Do not be afraid.)
Mote         remote control
Pie          pacifier (only to be used in bed)
Cracker      animal crackers (she does not want a Scooby snack)

The rest of what she saying you can understand pretty well. Unless it is in Portuguese.

She also has quite a few short sentences she’ll throw down:
“Where’s (insert missing object)?” – comes with arms out, palms up, slight shrug
“I don’t know”
“No want” (or “No want to”) – she usually puts her hand over her mouth – funny

And our personal favorite:

“Okay, bye later.”

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