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I sold my husband on Ebay – cheap!

OK, that’s not entirely true. What is true is that I sold the photograph I had up at this month’s Vox show!¬† (Man, I love saying that!)

Hopeless Romantic

Yep, that’s Chris, the reluctant model for one of the Utata Iron Photographer projects. And speaking of Utata, guess who is part of their new Code Ninja Strike Force? That’s right – me! And that is their title, not mine¬†– these are my people! I’m told I’ll be paid in cake. That’s cool.

In other big news, in the paying gig world, I am the new Code Artist for Sweet Blog Design! I am so happy to be working with some of my favorite bloggers.

I sold a photo. I am a Code Ninja/Code Artist/geek. I think that covers it.

1 thought on “I sold my husband on Ebay – cheap!

  1. Like I told you before. Getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to you…

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