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I’ve got mad skittles!



I’ve got mad skills. That’s talent. Man, don’t you have an 11 year old? (Want one?)

After much prompting (read: begging, flattery, although not nearly enough bribery) I put down the bon-bons and made Julie her new blog banner. After many hours of my patented ‘learn as you go’ Photoshop methods and several phone calls, I think we have a winner. Well, she hasn’t taken it down in 2 days so I’m going to claim it a success.

So, go check it out- Bad Home Cooking and tell us what you think.

Now I really have to fix my own blog. After getting my new monitor, I discovered my template is not a fixed width but all free floating. Now I’m all for “willy-nilly” and “go-with-the-flow” but not when it comes to recipes or blog design! So, I am once again reading books on html and css looking for that one line of code that will fix everything. I really don’t want to have to start from scratch.

And Sain’t Christopher – I haven’t forgotten about your banner. In fact I have a couple ideas. But first I need to learn how to use Illustrator. Don’t worry; I’ve got a book for that too.

6 thoughts on “I’ve got mad skittles!

  1. I like Julie’s banner. You are so talented. Can’t wait to see the Saint’s.

  2. Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Projetores, I hope you enjoy. The address is A hug.

  3. Hey! you wanna work on my banner? Make a little trade work? A dress for E maybe? hmmm…

  4. See what you’ve started? See what you’ve started?
    I suggest you raise your rates…

  5. Yeah – maybe a dress for K eh?

  6. Yay!!! You can make me one, too… I can knit scarves for your whole family! Wait… you probably don’t need scarves. How about a purse? I’ll send you a purse.

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