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.hot dogs.

.hot dogs.
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Not just ‘hot dogs’ people – Genie’s Wienies!

This is a photo taken by one of my flickr contacts tEdGuY49, who I’m pretty sure was put on this earth to drive around Michigan and take pictures for my enjoyment. Which sounds like as good a reason as any to exist right?

Anyways, yesterday he posted this photo of Genie’s Wienies in Detroit and my heart was filled with happiness (which looks like rainbows, unicorns and matches in the shape of hotdogs). But my happiness was short lived. Someone made a comment that there was an article on Genie’s Wieners (it’s just fun to say isn’t it?!) in the Detroit Free Press that day so I looked it up. And now I curse the internet. Genie’s Wienies is closing at 6pm on September 3rd! Sadness fills my heart (see: deserted wasteland with no coneys, chili-fries or matchbooks full of happy hotdogs in sight!). I sent an email to Sain’t to get us some plane tickets right away but I think he is ignoring me.

I had to buy a six-pack of Vernor’s to cheer myself up.

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  1. I made a comment a few days back. And hey, what happened to our lunch blog?????

  2. y’see, since I have two weeks to read each blog, there’s no point rushing to the bottom first thing. I’m sure I would have gotten to it before you updated.

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