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He’s my Pride and Joy

If you haven’t already noticed, I like old cars. Now I’ve always been able to appreciate a cool looking car but they never sent me over the moon or anything. But it seems my inner-Detroiter has finally bloomed and I am now all about the cars. Don’t worry; I will never be a gear-head. It’s the chrome, the lines, those cool tail-lights and dials on the dash that get my engine running. (Sorry. I had to do it. It’s an illness.)

Anyways, last Saturday there was a Hot Rod show at the local bowling alley. And apparently I am now the kind of person that goes to car shows. Hey! Come back here! You’re cashing those checks every month – you will be my friend even if I start going to cat shows!! As I was saying, there was a car show so I grabbed my camera and I grabbed Kyle and off we went for some mother/son/camera bonding.

3 hours later, our memory cards full, we stumbled back in the door tired, thirsty and on the verge of collapse. Ok, maybe that was just me. It was hot. We forgot hats. I was wearing jeans because I knew I would be kneeling on asphalt. But it was all worth it – wait til you see the pictures! And you’ll have to wait because I’m about 3 weeks behind. And Chris is about to put a limit on my computer time. Big and mean I tell ya.

And Kyle – that little brat – has some great shots as always. But he spent the rest of the weekend cursing me for getting him into photography. Oh yeah, I’m wicked bad. Meanest mom ever if you’re going to believe the rumors. I’m so awful that after much pestering by Kyle, I spent my Monday afternoon setting him up with his own Flickr account.

So, go check out Kyle’s photos! And leave him a comment or two – it will make his day.


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