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Hey did you hear the good news? We won our appeal with the County Board of Education last Thursday night! It was beyond nerve-wracking and a close vote: 4-3. yikes. It took Chris and I over a day to finally come to grips with the reality that the whole interdistrict transfer process was finally over and that Kyle was actually going to be allowed to attend Whitney HS. damn that was stressful. But today I got Kyle enrolled at Whitney and he is all set to start in the fall. So relieved. And probably 3 inches taller without all that stress weighing on me.

And Kyle isn’t the only kid around here with school news. Erin had her “Moving Up” party last Friday at preschool. She’s no longer in the Busy Bee class, but in the Open Court class. Weird name for a classroom isn’t it? Turns out Open Court is the name of the reading program that class uses. Erin was placed in the “advanced” Pre-K class. And today was her first day in her new class with a new teacher. Seems to have gone okay. The big difference for us is that in the new class there is no nap time. No. Nap. Time.

I’ve obviously some serious misgiving about this. Check back at the end of the week and see if any of us survived.

Another good news item is that the blog redesign/migration I have been struggling with for the past week is finally nearing completion! In fact, the new site went live today. And that my friends feels like a miracle after the problems I had migrating the blog content from the original Blogger site to the new WordPress site I set up. Migrations are a bit of a crapshoot. Most of the time they go relatively smoothly. But every now and then, woo boy, things just do not go well. And for no good reason. You do everything right, but nothing works as it should. And this one really had me worried for a couple days. But I got it done and now just have some tweaks to finish up. Check it out – Mom 101. The design was done by the amazing Schmutzie of Ninjamatics. I am so happy to be working with her again.

So, feeling much better about things now. Well, except for maybe that no nap thing. Next up to stress about – Kyle’s 4 day volleyball tournament in Anaheim that starts this Friday. Road tripping in 2 days baby! oh boy.

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