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Glutton for punishment

More proof that I might need to have my head examined.

Three weeks ago I joined a gym. I had the manager waive the processing fee so that I could use that money to sign up for three 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer. And if you’ve been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you know that Evil Trainer Adam was obviously trying to kill me. Or so I thought. Apparently his desire to hurt me is only getting warmed up at 30 minutes. And yet, knowing that I lack discipline, I foolishly decided to give him all my money in exchange for having him continue to torture train me for 10 more ONE HOUR sessions.

yeah. That was smart.

I had the first 1 hour session yesterday. oh. my. god. That was not pleasant. Not only did he make me do lunges across the room again (I did that during our first session and couldn’t walk for 3 days!), but I had to carry a medicine ball in front of me and twist to the side with each lunge! WTF ETA? Cruel and unusual punishment. I think he must have studied under the CIA and received the coveted Dick Cheney Approval Award.

So yes, I’m a bit sore today. And yes, that is a “bit” of an understatement. My quads and glutes are not in their happy place. Which right now would be a hot bath full of Epson Salts. And tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to go back for more. Cause I’m insane!!

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