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Get a haircut and get a real job

I am all for letting your freak flag fly but this is border-line Bee-Gee hair and it’s gotta go!

When I started this post last Friday I was going to question the fullness of the moon and the alignment of the planets because Kyle had been exceedingly affectionate all week. Not only were there many hugs and declarations of love – he would even hold my hand walking to and from the car at school. Strange days indeed.
But I’m afraid one Sunday of him and I without the buffer of Chris has turned the tides. When I pick him up from school today I will have to remind him that his lippy attitude last night got him grounded – for 2 days! Lead balloon anyone?
And to make sure I retain the title of Meanest Mom Ever on Wednesday I am taking him to get his hair cut and then to the dentist!

Keep smiling pretty boy…

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