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No, no baby yet. But still a fine accomplishment. After almost 2 years we have finally wallpapered Kyle’s bedroom. And by ‘we’ of course I mean Chris. He worked his fine ass off for 2 days this past weekend. I was on hand to sing his praises and um… well that’s about it. I might have made him a sandwich.

Chris bought one of the model homes so the house was already filled with some random decorator’s choices of wallpapers. Unfortunately for Kyle when we moved in he ended up in the room that had been decorated for a little girl. Teacup wallpaper with a sickeningly sweet tea party border.

How charming. And even though Kyle did not complain, Chris and I have talked about the need to change it and looked at samples dozens of times with nothing ever getting done. But on one of our recent trips to Lowe’s we came across this skateboard border and the race to beat the baby was on! We took Kyle back to Lowe’s and let him choose between the border with the blue background or the black background (he has many times over the last year requested that we paint or wallpaper his room black. Um, no. You’re too young and do not yet have the requisite teenage angst to pull it off!) As you can see he choose wisely.

Yes little girl – look upon your fate!

And here it is! A room fit for a 10 year old boy.

And it works with the blue surfboard/tiki bedding, blue lamp, and blue/orange/green locker style desk he already had in his room. I’ll get a picture of the room posted later today. Maybe tomorrow. All this typing has been exhausting.

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