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Feelin’ uninspired. Think I’ll start a fire…

The left hemisphere of my brain has been ruling the roost lately and it’s left me very quiet. Not one little ounce of inspiration to write anything about everything that’s going on. My creative muse has been trapped under my 5 lb Dreamweaver book. And then, last Friday morning, the right hemisphere of my brain tried to stage a coup and almost killed me in the process with another wicked migraine. Stupid brain. But on Saturday the visual part of the design process kicked back into gear, so maybe we can get a little balance here.

I’ve been immersed in pools and code. Car pools, swimming pools, test servers, databases! No wonder I’m feeling a bit stretched out. And I went and signed up for another class at Sierra College in the fall. Web Programming with PHP. Oh yes, this should be fun for all of us. JavaScript was fun right?! It only broke my brain and ruined my eyesight. But apparently everything I want to do is done with PHP, so what’s a girl to do but learn another programming language. Joy.

But classes don’t start until next month. Before then I really need to get my shit together. Life without Positron is turning out to be a hard adjustment. I don’t know how to manage my time yet. With swim lessons and soccer camp complicating the mix, I haven’t had a chance to get into any kind of routine. I feel like I should be “working” at every minute. I’m still trying to do too many things at once and am not getting anything finished. Well, I’ve gotten a few tasks completed, but not that damn resume.

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ uninspired. Think I’ll start a fire…

  1. You SEE? Nobody believes me when I say self-employment while also a mommy is the busiest career you can ever have. Makes you wonder what you did back when you worked full time pre-kids…

    Programming classes, however, count very much toward forward momentum. I approve.

    1. It really makes no sense – I get less done around the house now than I did when I was working. And believe me, that’s an accomplishment!

      And you might not think the programming class such a good idea when I’m calling you crying because PHP is the devil!

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