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Erin the Artist

Last week I had a  “ooh look at this post on Facebook from Roseville Arts!” moment and signed Erin up for free painting workshop yesterday at Blue Line Gallery. Turns out the workshop was for the upcoming NATURAL WONDERS FOREVER Children’s Open Show.

“Natural Wonders Forever – Inspired by the Natural Wonders of Placer County… This fall, share your artwork depicting the landscape and natural beauty that is Placer County. Rivers, grassy hills, flower patches, the beautiful blue sky-it’s up to you what to paint!”

Cool! Erin got to paint and her painting will be in a gallery show! The show is sponsored by Placer Land Trust and will run from Sept 28 – Oct 6, 2012 at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville.

That’s 2 shows for her this summer. The first one being the University Art “Kid’s Art Contest: Birds, Bugs, and Butterflies”. Not bad for a 5 year old!

The classroom:


Excited to paint! (She brought her own apron)


Doin’ her thing.


She was instructed to fill in all the white space.


And done!


Pretty awesome!


There is a door. That leads to the farm. I don’t know why.

Portrait of the artist with an extra head.


Come see Erin’s painting (without the camera glare) next month. There is a reception on September 15th!

Momma is so proud!

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