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It ain’t easy being green

I think my brain is eating itself.Soon I will get a new car. A car with a higher egress. And more umpf – a V6 for my inner Motor-City self. A car that will be agreeable until I can get my hands on a Quattroporte (Don’t give me that look – it’s a “mom” car. Read the Italian, it’s got 4 doors!)After much research, I decided upon a Toyota Highlander. We couldn’t swing the extra 10k for the Hybrid version and I had made my peace with that. All that was left to do was pick a color and wait for the tax return. Nothing more to think about…la de da…Really?! You thought that was the end of the story too? Oh no, what fun would that be? Last week we found out that our friends had bought a new Ford Escape.The Hybrid! For the same cost as my pretty Highlander Limited. Damn.And you should have heard the praises being rained down upon that car! It was obviously god’s gift to all those who care about this planet. Well. That is all fine and good but I don’t like the Escape. It is smaller and the interior isn’t nearly as…

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Been there – saw 1/3 of that

Chris took me on a reconnaissance mission to Yosemite National Park this past Saturday. I had never been but Chris practically lived there during his college years. (He said he took a light enough course load to be able to get all his work done during the week so he could go climbing every weekend. I guess that is how you can end up at 40 without ever having been to a concert – a fact that still boggles my mind!)We spent the day cruising around the valley; Chris pointing out all the routes he’s climbed (and ledges he’s slept on!) and the routes he’ll take me on this summer. Right…The valley was socked in with fog so the top 1/2 of El Capitan and the other peaks were hidden. You couldn’t see Half Dome at all. So I didn’t get the full effect of 3,000 foot walls – and I’m ok with that because the next time we go we’ll have our climging gear with us. Let’s not think about that. La la la – I have a pretty skirt! And this was the only spot of blue we saw all day.There might not have been blue skies but…

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All vision and no voice

I may have made a mistake when I decided to jump on the blog-wagon. I don’t think this is good for my mental health.I have until now easily resisted those occasional urges to start my own blog. I had a hard enough time just bringing myself to post comments on Sain’t Christopher’s blog (Happy Birthday Sain’t!). It is just so much easier to call him than to think up some clever comment that the whole world might read. Who needs that kind of pressure?!But then Julie told me about her new blog. And damn that Julie – always encouraging me. Rah Rah Rah. So here I am. Slowly driving myself crazy.(I’m thinking about calling her a name right now. And it’s not a nice name. I would ring her at home but she’s in Spain! Hmm – there’s that name again)When I finally set up my account I had a vision of what I wanted the page to look like. Of course Blogger tells you that it is oh so simple to change the look of a template. But they lied. And now I am up to my aching eyeballs in code. Code! I certainly didn’t want to have to…

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