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Duh Duh Done!

My semester is over this week. 2 days of critiques and them I am done until fall. Free to focus on painting, volleyball tournaments, and swim lessons!

Speaking of painting, I haven’t gotten to do much these past couple weeks as I’ve been  finishing up the  triptychs for class. But I am still in Mindy’s year-long True Free Spirit class, starting a week-long Gelli Print class today with Carla Sonheim, and wish wish wish I could take this class with Mindy and Alena Hennessey.

But before I go clicking any more ‘Add to Cart’ buttons, let’s go back to that second sentence up there. Volleyball tournaments. Yes, plural tournaments. In fact there are 3!! June 13-17 has Kyle and I in Anaheim for the SCVA Jr. Boys Classic. Then 2 weeks later we go to Reno for USAV Junior National Championships (also known as the Junior Olympics!) And that is the end of the NCVC club season. But Kyle went and got himself a position on the NCVA High Performance team and is going to Ft Lauderdale at the end of July for the USA Volleyball High Performance Championship. USA Volleyball!  And just so you know what that is all about, from the NCVA website:

Region High Performance Programs are the local branches of the USAV National High Performance Pipeline. The goals of Region Programs are the same as the National HP Program: to build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our U.S. Olympic Teams and provide player developmentthrough training, evaluation, and competition opportunities. Region HP Programs are another way that USA Volleyball discovers and trains our future Olympians, working to continue our presence on the medal stand.

So yeah, kinda a big deal! And as much as I would love to watch Kyle playing against international teams (last years team came in 2nd to Cuba!), I will not be going to Florida with him. We’re gonna put him on a plane and then let the team chaperones take over. This summers volleyball is really putting a dent in my art class/supplies/saving for a Mom-erati piggy bank!

Oh wait! Before we start gearing up for all the club events, Kyle’s school team is still playing. They won the CIF Sections last week and tomorrow night is the quarter-finals of NORCALS! I have been assured that even if they take the whole thing, it will all be over on Saturday. I have my doubts that it will ever end…

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  1. Well, that’s a full plate all-around! And good on Kyle 🙂

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