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In most areas of my life I am quite flexible and adaptable. It even says so on my performance review. But every now and then I hit a speed bump in my ‘go with the flow’ attitude. This usually involves someone else rearranging things in a room. And sure, I might end up really liking it the new way – but the initial change causes me great distress. Weird.

I also seem to react out of character when plans are suddenly changed. For example when we decided mere hours ago to go to Santa Cruz this weekend. If you had heard me hesitating you would have thought I was being shipped off to Beirut. Yeah, my husband is so evil, making me spend the weekend at the beach where the high will be 83 degrees instead of staying home indoors all weekend trying to avoid another case of heat stroke because it going to hit 108!

“But you’ll go diving with Trent on Saturday and be gone the whole day! And then you’ll have to clean gear. And you’ll be tired and want to take a nap”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to convince my mom to go shopping. Or you could come with me, take the car, and then cruise around all the galleries in Carmel.”


Do you want to smack me yet?! I don’t blame you. It’s some form of temporary insanity caused by the sudden switching of gears in my head. My brain tightens up and says ‘but you had plans! Only dead fish go with the flow!’
Um, right.
Thankfully with a little time I loosen up and start to think clearly again. I can postpone my hair appointment. And would I really have gotten any painting done this weekend? Perhaps. But I wouldn’t have taken any pictures if we stayed at home. But in Santa Cruz… Oh come on. Now you’re the one whining!!

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