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But what if I want to see Jesus?

Hey – today is Chris’s birthday! But enough about him. I would like to state for the record that I like NyQuil. Even better – his generic cousin in the nice easy-to-swallow gel-caps!

I’ve had a cold since last week and the headaches have been bad lately. I couldn’t afford to wake up in the middle of the night with another headache. (I’ve only got 1 Maxalt left and 2 weeks to go before I can get another refill!) I needed to get a good nights sleep. So I asked the medicine-man (yeah, Chris had the cold first and at the first sign of a scratchy throat Cptn. Pharmacy springs into action) what we’ve got. And now I ask you – who would bother with sipping night-time TheraFlu when you have NyQuil in a pill?! Nighty-night rabbit.

But getting up this morning was not so easy. I was having dreams with French sub-titles. Awesome! Snooze #1 = normal. Snooze #2 = I shouldn’t but ok just this once. # 3 = got up, turned off the alarm, got back into bed. I figured I would get up in time to drive Kyle to school, drop off Erin, and then come back home and shower and go to work. Yes, I was ready to be late.

Somehow I got here 15 minutes early. WTF? Really, how does that make sense?! I don’t even think I noticed that I was driving the huge man-van and not my nice mid-sized Highlander. And during our ritual morning phone call, Chris made the observation the NyQuil seems to agree with me*. Can’t argue with that! Although the boss-man might disagree as I’m trying to put together his expense reports right now!

*Although on our second call – as I laughed wildly at nothing – he seems to have reversed his position and declared me a danger to myself and the office supplies.

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