About me:


I am an artist, code ninja, out-of practice yogini, voracious reader, sporadic knitter, and a reluctant cook. I am a wife, mother of two, and killer of plants. I have been described as a ‘kicky’ gal. I can live with that.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and spending my youth in the ruins of the once great Motor City has left its mark on the art I create. I see the beauty in the gutted shell of a burnt building and find comfort in the absurd. I was a punk who questioned everything. I study religions and read physics books for fun. My artworks reflects the struggle to bring all these conflicting interests together. Or I’m just making pretty pictures. It could go either way.

While my focus was on oil painting in the past, photography is my current passion. I shoot digital and several different formats of film cameras. I love working in the darkroom and am hoping to begin experimenting with alternative printing processes. It’s all about the imperfections and surprises you get when working with film. I also work in mixed-media collage and monotypes. There just aren’t enough hours in the day…

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Elfini – personal blog

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