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Big Fun at the Fair!

So we consulted our calendars and cross-referenced the 7-day weather forecast and determined that this past Monday was the best day to go to the California State Fair. Chris left work early, I picked up Erin from Summer Camp, hats were donned, and off we went.

First up: Fine Art Exhibit to check out my pieces and all the other entries.


Me and my muse:


And then it was off to see the animals and all the things Erin could ride. Like this bear:


And a racehorse! She wasn’t too happy way up there.

The petting zoo more than made up for that.

And riding a real horse!


After checking out all the animals, we hit the midway. I don’t think she had as much fun as I did on the Tilt-o-Whirl, but she liked the jeep.


And then rode another horse:


And the swings!


A well deserved ice cream break in the shade:


And then the giant slide with dad!

We took a tour around CalExpo on the monorail before a final spin on the ferris wheel with dad!


Great day!

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