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Baseball’s been bery bery good to me…

Actually baseball has been kicking my ass. Where did my weekend go?!
Friday night there was a game up in Newcastle. The Giants lost. (Although Kyle smacked one to left field for a base run, and then scored) And then they had another game at 12:30 on Saturday. It was looking good for the Giants in the first half but things fell apart when the A’s brought in Cecil to pitch. This kid is the best pitcher in the league. We quickly lost our 8-4 lead and ended up losing 9-17. Ouch. (Kyle got walked this time and then scored) And I’m sure that game wasn’t really any longer than their night games, but I was exhausted by the time we got home around 4pm. Then I hit the library, the grocery store, we went out to dinner, took a postprandial walk around the neighborhood and then bam – it was Sunday. And besides finally loading the film in the Holga, I didn’t do much this afternoon besides the obligatory laundry. Fun for me.

And tomorrow I get to find out if the IT guys managed to get my computer fixed at work. My Microsoft Outlook stopped working last Wednesday and I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them Friday afternoon. I’ve got to tell you, my expectations are not high.

Oh! Before the never-ending call to the Help Desk? I was at the doctors seeking help for my rib-cracking-cough-that-just-won’t-quit! And I was sent away with a prescription for Advair. Which is a asthma inhaler! ?? I don’t know why – but at least it seems to be helping.

Tomorrow’s to-do list:

  • Call my dad and wish him a happy 88th birthday! Apologize for not calling on the 19th. The Sain’t does not get another call.
  • Call Katie and reschedule coffee.
  • Shoot some more of the roll of film in the Holga!!
  • Start reading new books; Balkan Ghosts and A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.
  • more laundry. It really never ends.

At least there isn’t another game until Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Baseball’s been bery bery good to me…

  1. Ouch. And on my birthday, no less.

  2. Yeah…something about misrepresentation…blah blah blah…still no perogies…no I won’t forget…happy birthday anyways friend

  3. hey! yah, coffee, call me! It will have to be next week.

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