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When thrifty pays off – a love story.

3 weeks ago I downloaded a trial version of Adobe Lightroom. I was immediately smitten with the software and knew I had to have it. Unfortunately I had just missed the introductory price of $199 by a week. I would have to pay $299 when my 30 day trial was up. Bummer. So with 8 days left I decided to make my purchase this morning. And low and behold the software is still only $199 on Amazon! Nice. And with the monitor calibration system ($20 off) and a Canon Fine Art Paper Variety Pack (50% off) already in my shopping cart, plus 2nd day shipping, I was still able to get out the door so to speak for $292.95 – Happy Hump Day to me!!

Later this afternoon I will go to Staples and get a $16 ink cartridge for my printer for $1 thanks to the coupon for $15 off any $15 or above purchase. Man, I am cleaning up today. I might even go back in after the grocery store for another cartridge with the second coupon they sent me.

Yes, I am pleased with myself. But I deserve it. I’ve been working very hard around the house. I finally had to take matters into my own hands and clear off the desk and table in our office area. It was a mess! Now I am just waiting on Chris to go through the 6 piles of paperwork I put on the couch. Sooner or later that fat cat is gonna jump up there and start a landslide. Then Chris needs to go through the filing cabinets and move all the old files to our new storage unit. He can’t go out and play* again until all his work is done!

I’ve also been going through my boxes in the garage. I’ve taken a trunk load of stuff to Goodwill and have sent 4 boxes to storage. I am on an organization roll. This is almost as bad as all the time I’ve spent in the kitchen recently!

But soon we will have a nice neat place to work upstairs and a garage with space enough to get to the climbing wall and use the weights and bench that we just got from Chris’s brother (Hi Paul!). I can’t take the baby to the gym with me until she’s 6 months old. Which sucks. Cause I really need to start working out again. My clothes miss me.

In other happy news, I finally got my hair done yesterday. Not only did I get the color touched up, I had Tami chop all my hair off. Well a good 4 inches anyway. And she added layers, lots of layers. And – you guessed it – bangs!

* we have a freezer full of fish from Chris’ speed run to Carmel last Friday. Yum!! And I’m pretty sure I can get him to make some abalone this weekend. Who’s coming?

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