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Baby’s First YouTube Video

We bought Erin a doorway jumper a couple weekends ago and she love love loves it. And we laugh laugh laugh. Because the bouncing Bean is funny. And last night Chris finally broke out the video camera. He set it up on the tripod because his camera is old school – big and heavy. I complain bitterly about it every chance I get. I know, hard to imagine right? Not only does this video camera want to break your arm, it records onto tape. Tape that I can do nothing with. But I’m not the only one who suffers – so do you! And I think we’ve already established that I care. I’m a giver. So I grabbed Kyle’s camera and viola! The Bean for your viewing pleasure.


2 thoughts on “Baby’s First YouTube Video

  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO!! Now that’s a Happy bouncing baby.I agree. Make Chris invest in a new camera. It doesn’t do the “bean” justice. How bout we try lunch on Friday?

  2. Oooh, an anonymous lunch date. I’ll be there. Lets meet in an abandoned warehouse.

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