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Are you raising a reader?

We are! We watch Erin on the baby monitor reading late into the night. She gets that from me. This is Erin’s bed on a typical morning. Actually, on a typical morning there would probably be 3 more books in the bed, plus a couple Toy Story action figures. How does she sleep like that?

Chair full of books

I’m pretty sure those cheap plastics chairs are not rated to handle that kind of load.

And it’s not like she doesn’t have a perfectly handy place to keep those books. Check out the forsaken bookshelf. It’s not all the way across the room, but at the foot of her bed!

And yes she does read yoga books. Baby is an enigma.

2 thoughts on “Are you raising a reader?

  1. I was a reader too! I mean, I still am but when I was young, I was incorrigible. I would submerge myself in books; very annoying when someone is trying to talk to you.

    I know I should have more to say but it’s 3am and the only thing I can think of is to tell you how much I love your dimples!

    Peace out.

  2. That pile of books is scary. This from a gramma who spend the night before last up half the night finishing my book. Poor kid does not have a chance. We will have to bring a pile of books into her bedroom next time you are here – a diversionary ploy to keep her away from the ‘treasure trove’ on my desk!

    Need pictures!!!!!

    Love, P

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