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Ante partum depression

You would have thought is was PRE-partum but no. I looked it up.

My in-laws have voiced their concern that I’m not very excited about being pregnant. Well duh.

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned my desire to lie down in traffic whenever P called to see how I was doing.

Don’t get me wrong – I am happy to be pregnant. I’m thrilled. Really.
It’s just that 3 long months of feeling like total crap made it a little hard to put on my happy face. Within the first month I had outgrown all my pants. Nothing says ‘fun’ like having to go to the mall to buy stretchy pants while feeling faint and nauseous. Good times.
And I am now completely sick of food since I need to eat something every couple hours or I will drop dead. Mention another chicken sandwich to me and I’ll throw a stapler at your head.

So, it is obvious I am not having that “I love being pregnant” experience other women mention with a blissful look in their eyes. Those women… well, I want to kick them in the shin. Hard.

But I’m coming around. Things are getting better now that I’m in my second trimester. I can make brief forays out of the house. I only envision naps in bed. I’ve come to terms with maternity clothing (well, it’s more of a tenuous détente but it’s a start). I am thoroughly enjoying going through the baby name books and shouting out the worst names I can find to poor Chris who is just trying to read his book in peace.

Unfortunately I still don’t have the energy to do the dishes. Sorry baby.

2 thoughts on “Ante partum depression

  1. If you were a really clever writer, you would have provided us some “whopping color” along the lines of, “which particular baby names proved most amusing…”
    I’d like to see a post on that very topic.
    Get to it, won’t you?
    (if I keep you busy enough, you won’t have time to lie down in traffic, will you?)
    kind regards,

  2. Oh don’t worry. I’ll have a ‘baby name’ post up soon enough. As of last night the baby (if a girl) will be named Ildefonsa. It is one of the many German names that meant Warrior of some sort. They are a peaceful people no?!

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