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All My Children

The little one is fine. She’s getting cuter every day. But the eat, poop, sleep routine is not were the action is. If you want real drama you go to the 4th grade!

Kyle’s classroom should be located in 90210!

Here is how it all went down: Cole was going out with Marina (I mean really, could you get more soap opera-y?!). But then one of Marina’s friends told Kyle that Marina liked him. So Cole asked Marina if she wanted to break-up and she said no. Kyle told Cole that he wasn’t interested and was staying out of it while they tried to work things out. Well it seems that their love had run its course so Cole dared Kyle to ask Marina out. And he did. Now Kyle and Marina are going out*. Kyle assured me that things between him and Cole are fine. Although Wyatt has turned into a lousy friend since Charisse broke up with him. According to Kyle he’s changed. Well that’s what a broken heart will do to ya right?

Upon hearing all this, I immediately pulled out Kyle’s class picture to check out the legendary Marina. She’s cute. And then last Thursday night at the open house/band concert we saw her! Though there was disappointingly little interaction between her and Kyle that we witnessed. Kyle was playing it cool in front of the ‘rents. Of course we are teasing him about this. Not too much. But enough to keep us entertained.

But all this was last week. Who knows what today will bring. Will Kyle and Marina still be together? Has Cole come to regret his decision to let her go? Will Wyatt get over his heartbreak or has young love scarred him forever?

Man, I’ve never been so anxious for Kyle to get home from school before!

* This apparently means hanging out together at school. I couldn’t get confirmation or denial on the kissing part. I think Kyle mentioned a cheek. I was the one singing about sitting in a tree…

Stay tuned… HA!

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  1. Just keep him away from my daughter….

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