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Toes intact. Dreams shattered.

Hmm. I should probably explain that last post. But I’m busy trying to save this screwed up weekend by working on my website. I’ve almost got it done. I’m building the gallery pages now.  Once those are finished and properly linked up, I just need to write the About page. Joy. Almost as painful to do as an Artist Statement.

Almost as painful as the disappointment of this weekend. I should be on my way home from Santa Cruz right now. I should be basking in the glory of spending last Friday with Joe McNally and 699 other photographers! But no. None of that happened because Erin won’t sleep in a hotel room. Ugh. And the worst part is – you can’t be mad at a baby. Only sad, depressed, and punch-drunk tired.

So, to recap: birthday wasted packing for nothing, missed the Lighting Workshop that was my birthday present, no cake with the ubers, and the sad realization that there will be no vacations with Erin in the near future. Sorry folks who’ll be in Vegas next week,  we’re not coming. I can’t pull those all-nighters like I used to. Officially too old. Happy flippin’ birthday to me.

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