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Wash, rinse, repeat

Hey guess what! It’s almost next month and you know what that means right? A new VOXSac – Second Saturdy show! And yes, that is my name you see snuggled in there with the rest of the particating artists. Which means I need to get on it. Pictures to print, mats to cut… busy busy busy

Urban Landscapes @ Vox Sac

I know, I know, this site has become a bit Vox-centric of late (maybe December will find no one in this household participating in that month’s show, but I hope not!). And I truely had high expectations that my next post would involve some actual writing, but – I’ve got nothing right now. And then Jill sent the flyer and well… here we are.

But have no fear! Soon we’ll be getting back to quality posts just like this one – old and bitter – an instant classic no?

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