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New Year = New Website

Some people are all about spring cleaning, but I am a New Year cleaning kinda person. I take down the Christmas decorations and get all inspired by the uncluttered spaciousness of the house and I’m off! My studio always gets cleaned up for company in December because it is technically the formal living/dining space and we host Christmas dinner, so by the time January comes around, the studio is already in pretty good shape. But there is always room for some organizational improvement and the purging of hoarded “I might use this someday” art supplies! This year I tossed a bunch of old magazine and sorted through a pile of random packing materials and papers on a shelf of the workbench. Usually, that would be enough procrastinating and I could get back to making art, but noooo….

My arch-nemisis “Big Dumb Brain” decided that maybe Ink & Bone Alchemy should include a Society6 account in addition to the Esty shop. Oh and we should probably learn to use a new vector art program while we’re at it. And if it doesn’t seem like I hate myself enough, yesterday I decided to redesign my website!

oh. my. fucking. god. why??!!!

::deep breath::

::one more::

I’m fine. I only obsessed over it for a day and a half. What theme will best bend to my will? Galleries or pages? And I still am not sure how things should be organized! But I think I have the site looking and functioning close to what I wanted. I still have more new work to add (I’m going to have to warm up my scanner soon) and a shit-load of information to add to all the new galleries, but at least it is up and running again.

I was just informed today is Sunday, not Saturday like I thought. huh. I should probably shower.

I have also been buying/transplanting a bunch of plants. I obviously am not killing enough things in my new video game! #elfinikills #brownthumbforever #poorplantsneverdonenoonenoharm

One last Christmas procrastination to complete!

One last Christmas procrastination to complete!

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