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Updates and then some…

wow. I logged into my website 2 days ago and realized that not only had I missed posting about the last 2 shows I was in, but I also hadn’t added any of the new work I had done this year!

The past eight months have been hard and I have been grieving and depressed for much of it. So much so that my daughter titled one of my recent paintings “The Great Depression of 2017”. damn. But like always, I paint what I feel. There has been a lot of positive things among the sad and in the big picture view life is still very very good. I have just allowed myself to be present and feel everything as I moved slowly through all the emotional ups and downs.  And although I feel like I have been creatively off my game, I actually have been painting quite a lot this past month. So, yesterday I photographed the new pieces and updated the galleries. 

I am always struggling with how to organize the galleries on this site. Currently the pages are by medium, but should I include work that is over 2 years old? I’ve already pulled all photographs off the site. I haven’t worked in Cold Wax in awhile, should I pull that too? Should I create galleries based on specific bodies of work? There are definitely 2 different styles of paintings all intermingled in that gallery, but that is just the order I painted them in last year. Now what I’m painting has shifted again into a new body of work, should there be a some sort of delineation in the gallery? 

And I just removed the link to my old dusty blog, and now I’m rambling here! Stange days indeed. So, what have we missed? Buzz – the Art of Encaustic Painting is still up for 3 days at Blue Wing Gallery in Woodland CA. 

The Crocker’s Big Names Small Art was last week. I donated this pretty encaustic photograph, but did not attend this year’s auction as it was the same night as my daughter’s Open House at school. 

I always enjoy BNSA and was pretty bummed to miss it, but there is always next year! 

In upcoming news, I will have my painting “Catrina” in the It Figures show at Blue Line Arts in Roseville. I’m also thinking about putting these small encaustic collages in the Small Works Gallery. 

It is also time to think about what to submit to the State Fair! And the Member shows at Blue Line and Viewpoint are coming up…  #thestruggleisreal


So, if you have any suggestions about gallery set ups, I would love to hear them! And I’ll try not to fall behind on my website maintanence again, but no promises. 🙂


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