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Summertime Shows

The school year is almost over, the temps are rising, summer is just around the corner. And summertime means the California State Fair and Viewpoint’s Annual Member’s Exhibition!

And while as long as I pay my annual membership fees, the Viewpoint show is a gimme; I am beyond thrilled to again have 2 pieces accepted in the Fine Arts Exhibit at this years State Fair!  

The first piece is a triptych of B&W photographs:  


Received an Award of Excellence!!

And the second piece is my latest painting “Singing Over the Bones”: 


 Received an Award of Merit!

This is a 30″x30″ acrylic/mixed media painting.   This canvas has been through so many stages and layers before this final version, it is a new direction for me and I am so pleased it will be included in the exhibition.

I’m also working on an extremely small by comparison 6″x6″ piece for the The Temp‘s 6×6 | Year 2 show opening on June 6th.  

And I’m still trying to decide on the piece to hang for the Viewpoint Member’s Show. If I have the time between my son’s volleyball tournaments, I might try to hand-color a print. No promises.



6×6 at the Sacramento Temporary Contemporary: June 6 – 27, 2013

Viewpoint Member’s Show: July 10 – Aug 3 2013

CA State Fair: July 12 – 28, 2013


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