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“The Price of Enlightenment” is here!

Wow. My first solo photography show opened this past weekend. I think I am still trying to process the whole experience.

The Artist Reception was Friday night, and it was great. Friends, family, professors and fellow students all in attendance and of course full of support and praise. A fantastic evening and my only regret is not taking more photos!

The next night was the 2nd Saturday reception and my first real exposure to the general public. And if art is meant to provoke and elicit a reaction, well then mission accomplished! Good or bad, people definitely responded! The evening was absolutely surreal. My favorite moments were when someone would step into the gallery, took a quick look around, mutter “dolls, um no!” turn around and quickly exit! classic.

Again, I neglected to take pictures. Luckily, other people were not so preoccupied. Here is time-lapse video put together by one of the Viewpoint docents. And this is pretty much how the whole evening felt for me!


Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend. And a special thanks to my husband Chris and my family for putting up with all the craziness these past few months as I finished all the little details in putting this exhibit together. <cough>artist statement</cough>

The show runs through the rest of August, so you still have plenty of time to go check it out. enjoy!

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